Luciana Latte

photographer / C.E.O visual instant design

about me

I was born in Naples in 1970 and I have spent my life here. But I am always ready to hop on a flight to seek out the next Photographic adventure, which could be anywhere. In January I was shooting in Thailand and in February Benin. When I am in Naples, however, I never forget to test new photographic expressions and to visit the local exhibits. Three rules that I live by: Rule number one: love, work, and passion always walk together. Rule number two: be curious. I feel a constant, powerful drive to photograph in the streets and capture the stories of life. Rule number three: create.Three rules and one challenge: continue to capture new images.


Miguel Tiago

videomaker / Art Director visual instant design

about me

Born in Lisbon in 1979 was a restless, explorer and creative child. With the growing taste for visual arts in 1995 enters art class on high school, in 1997 moved to the EPRP school (sintra professional school of restoration). The technical and practice disciplines reinforced the passion for the arts. In 2011 decides to devote himself 100% to his own personal project (Ferrujem), covering areas such as furniture, lighting, photography, video, painting and sculpture. In 2016 e moved to Naples and starts to work with Luciana in Visual Instant Design as art director and videomaker.